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Nathan Hunt’s adoration for Asian culture led him to Otafest, a Calgary-based convention set around various Asian cultures. It was this same adoration that would also lead him to become a voice-over artist and start his own voice-over business.

The world of fashion is seen as being glamorous. But all that glamour comes with a cost, as it is the second leading source of pollution in the world. That’s why Thomas Mo, the founder of Alberta Apparel, is challenging Canadians to shop more sustainably, especially this holiday season.

When Angela Pitt was growing up, the conversation around her dining room table was dominated by her parents debating political issues. Even her extended family joined in the debate when they visited Pitt’s home. Because of this, Pitt became very knowledgeable about politics but never saw it becoming her future career — that is, until the Premier at the time introduced a royalty review that prevented her from providing for her family.
As the son of a woodworker, Dylan Thomas grew up in and around his dad's woodshop, The Black Forest Wood Company. He began learning the craft and eventually started working at the company, but never expected his epoxy-on-wood experiment to become a viral trend.