Jade Dykstra cared for horses at a local horse rescue and was surprised at how the horses supported her with her mental health struggles. This led to her starting Lasting Strides Equine Assisted Learning.

Growing up in an eco-friendly household and working in renewable energy, Tara Meyers has always been environmentally conscious. But after hearing about a shop in Vancouver that refills household products, Meyers was inspired to open Canary Refillery & Zero Waste Market to limit plastic waste and replace products with a more sustainable and “zero-waste” option. 

Sarah Miller has always loved animals, but it wasn’t until she experienced the devastation of natural disasters that she decided to take action, starting the Animal Emergency Taskforce. The group helps people and their pets be better prepared for emergency situations like the 2013 flood.


It can be difficult for individual artisans to make a profit in certain parts of the world. But Calgary’s Ten Thousand Villages gives citizens from underdeveloped communities the opportunity to put their handmade products on the market.