Jack of all artistic trades, Bruce Horak, has made a career for himself in both the performing arts and music. His newest endeavor is painting, focusing on portraits and dabbling in landscapes.

He tours Canada and the United States for his art shows all while being one of Canada’s only legally blind visual artists. 
How many Instagram followers do you have? 100? 600? 1000?

Hunter Bosch had over 50,000 by the time he was 17. He was making thousands of dollars through promotions. Today, he doesn’t even check the app. He forfeited his Instagram fame when what started out as an innocent hobby spiralled into a full-fledged addiction.
Award-winning Calgary-based director, Michael Peterson, is recognized globally in filmmaking. But, despite offers from L.A., or Vancouver, he has no plans to leave Alberta.
Cameron Hayley, 22, was on the right track to be a prime NASCAR driver but on his way to achieving his goals, he lost major sponsorships and ultimately, his ride.