The City of Calgary is known for its bustling downtown core. Densely packed cities are not often known for their sustainability, but people like Kerry Ross are seeking to change that with the creation of more green spaces.

At the age of 15, Chaz Smith entered into the care of the child welfare system.

Experiencing homelessness as a youth, he could have never imagined that 14 years later, he would be running a non-profit organization that provides outreach assistance to Calgary’s homeless population.

Laurie Falconer’s life was forever altered when she was diagnosed with celiac disease, but despite the difficulties she faced she was able to establish The Cookie Jar, a 100 per cent gluten-free business.

Five years ago Falconer began struggling with unfamiliar health issues that started impacting her daily routine.
When Dan Martens’ love for graffiti art started getting him in trouble with the law, he knew it was time to start making some better choices.