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The Calgary Journal


It’s late afternoon on a Friday at the Canmore Nordic Centre. Despite the warm weather in late February, the trails are in excellent condition. Jenna Sherrington is preparing her skis, poles and .22-caliber bolt-action rifle for training.

As spring approaches, the Alberta Institute of Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) prepares for the influx of baby animals to arrive at the rehabilitation centre. However, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, concerns grow around how to care for these animals with all 140 volunteers and many of its staff staying home, along with fundraiser events cancelled as a result of social distancing.

Tim Carter has never had any formal lessons in music. Despite this lack of training and some early encounters with stage fright, he is now part of a cover band that finds success performing on various national stages.

Curtis Van Charles is part of a crowded scene of landscape artists. But he manages to stand out with his hip-hop inspired Cubist painting technique, allowing him to become a well-known Calgary artist and an advocate for the great outdoors.