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Now that a purchase is a click away, classic shopping malls are having to remain attractive to consumers in new ways. The City of Calgary and a couple of the malls within the city seem to see the way forward in integrating residential and office space into retail.

With the Rocky Mountains in our backyard, adventure is at our fingertips. A quick hour’s drive, it is our sanctuary to escape the busy city life. With the winter season coming to a close, there are plenty of trails, treks and hikes to be done before the snow melts and summer arrives. With the days getting longer and brighter but the snow still falling, be sure to get out and enjoy the last weeks of winter.

It’s 4:30 p.m and yoga instructor Bronwyn Hendry at the Wymbin studio in Inglewood starts the Girlvana class with some deep breathing. The 75-minute flow class helps the eight teenage girls support one another through yoga, tarot card reading and talking about body image and health.

Hospitals are incredible spaces. They nurse millions of people back to health each year. They are spaces that encourage growth and create a surplus of emotion from the heartache associated with death to the joy of new life.