For one Calgary senior, walking outside has had both physical and psychological benefits on her entire life

walkingThrough near-freezing weather and pouring rain march three committed individuals who never stop moving as long as there is a path out in front.

The fastest of the group, Lorraine Holman walks down the main path in Confederation Park with an apparent, yet subtle sense of determination.

A morning on my family's dairy farm

Wyntjesdairy3thumbnailI groan as the jarring sound coming from my alarm clock urges me to get out of bed. It's 3 a.m. My body knows it as it slowly starts to waken; it drags itself out of a warm bed. I struggle to put on my worn out coveralls and trip over my tired legs to the cold floor. The house is quiet. The low hum of the fridge is all I hear when I walk out the door into the dark. The yard is still. I walk half asleep and suddenly I'm nudged by Murdoch, my overgrown German Shepherd. He sniffs and smells and is on the prowl for early morning trespassers.

New baby means changes to relationships

familythumbMike and Dawn Norris welcomed their first child, Isla, on June 6, 2011. Though the couple said they've been really lucky with their daughter, the new parents said they need to check in with each other to see how each is doing.

"It's okay to feel overwhelmed and it's okay to have your tough times but talking it out makes things better," said Mike, 29.

Food for Thought takes place Saturday, October 15th

InTheSameBoatposterOftentimes when we go grocery shopping, we pick foods that are in convenient little boxes, wrapped in shiny plastics or anything under a sale sign.

The second annual Food for Thought aims to make Calgarians more aware of the processes food goes through before ending up on the grocery shelf. The social event will combine organic food sampling as well as a premiere documentary film showing.