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Calgary is home to four women who have recently, or will very soon, be published authors in the field of personal growth and wellness. Their books cover an array of topics, but they each speak to the personal struggles they have endured through eating disorders, addiction, self-limiting beliefs and more. They have come out the other side with wisdom and hope to share.

As a female university student on the verge of graduating, there are many things to worry about — student debt, career decisions and job interviews. What to wear to that interview matters a lot, says Ayden Athwal, board director and chair with Dress for Success Calgary.

For John Anderson, the passion for equestrian sport began on his family farm. That passion initially didn’t become his career, Anderson returned to the sport after getting the bug again, which later developed into what is now Rocky Mountain Show Jumping (RMSJ) — an equestrian facility focused on providing opportunity and support for developing athletes.

Kylar Stern thought he would grow up to play in the NHL, but after leaving hockey, he instead turned his interests to painting. He now sells his artwork online and has donated thousands of dollars in proceeds to charity.