Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, according to Calgary’s Silver Linings Foundation. A fact that is not well known as these illnesses are often overlooked and shrouded in secrecy, says the foundation’s executive director Colleen Hauck.

A Mount Royal University student had been struggling with her mental health for some time, but it wasn’t until she had to get an abortion as a result of an unhealthy relationship that she decided to utilize campus counselling services.

The student, who will be referred to as Jordan to protect her identity, was referred to counselling services by her faculty advisor. However, she wound up waiting two weeks for her appointment, and is still faced with lengthy wait times even now that she’s become a regular. The toll it takes on her varies from week to week.

A new Calgary wine distributor, Paperman Wine, hosted its public launch on Wednesday, Mar. 27th at the St. Louis Hotel. Founder Joel Bombenon is entering a market where others have failed but says he’s confident that Calgarians’ love of European wine that’s rarely sold locally, will fuel the subscription business.

Alberta Education piloted a School Nutrition Program in 2016 that works to give students in participating schools one nutritious meal a day, however, not all children across the province have access to this resource.