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The Calgary Journal


While edible marijuana products won’t be legal in Canada until later next year, one enterprising Calgarian is already infusing a popular dessert with the country’s newest retail product.

One of last year’s winners of YYC Hot Chocolate Fest hopes to repeat their success this February and has already started work on some new recipes for the upcoming competition.
Hiking is one way to get outside, get some sun and get some exercise after the most indulgent holiday of the year. You don’t have to travel far either. Here are three hikes you can do in the city.

As the holiday season nears, an interesting phenomenon occurs. Generosity becomes more common, differences are settled and people are generally more friendly. Good will shouldn’t be exclusive to one day in the year though, so the Calgary Journal took to the streets with one question, “In a time of division, what are ways to build community and togetherness?”