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Mental illness can be difficult to deal with, especially when doing it alone. However, one local Calgary artist, Stacey Walyuchow, is using her passion for visual art to encourage others to challenge the struggles of dealing with anxiety and depression, including  postpartum.

It’s June 5, 2018, and the air is electric with chatter throughout the main atrium of the Palace Theatre in downtown Calgary, located on the glitzy Stephen Avenue.

Why more needs to be done in lowering hospital parking costs. 

Suffering the painful loss of my grandfather from a gruelling nine-month battle with stage four lung cancer earlier this year meant numerous visits to the hospital for me and my family.

“Prepare for the worst, Sharron isn’t looking too good” was repeated 50 times to us over the week and a half that we were at the hospital. That sentence that kept going through my head for the next two years.