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One out of every 400 people in Canada are diagnosed with cerebral palsy and it is the most common physical disability in children.

According to the Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada, 1.1 million Canadians have ADHD. However, after seeing that men with ADHD often get more support, Calgarian Claudia Barcelo created a support group for women with ADHD in Calgary.

In January 2019 Kieley Beaudry, a cannabis educator,  was introduced to a family with a six-year-old-boy who had been diagnosed with medulloblastoma — cancerous brain tumors. He had eight tumors, one of which Beaudry describes as “the size of a mandarin orange.” 

Stereotypes, negative associations and stigma often prevent individuals from seeking help with addiction. But, the 12 Step program demonstrates that long-term recovery is possible.