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thumb cityhallpermit2Calgary's appeal board decides against renewal of home occupancy permit after complaints

A dispute between neighbours and complaints of excessive traffic has led to the refusal of a Home Occupation Permit, hindering one woman's weekly art classes.

After the initial denial for renewal of the permit, from the City's Development Authority, Valentin Ivanov presented one last case to the Subdivision and Development Appeals Board on Jan. 17, 2013.

With the appeal, Ivanov was hoping his wife Ekaterina Ivanov would be able to resume her tri-weekly art classes from the basement of their McKenzie Lake home.

thumb JimStevensonAld. Jim Stevenson champions rumble strips for school and playground zones

Ward 3 Ald. Jim Stevenson brought up issues affecting playground and school zones in Calgary at City Council's first regular combined meeting of the year, held on Jan. 14.

The two issues impeding safety — speeding and congestion — pose a dangerous threat to children and community members. After six years, Stevenson believes he's come to a solution.

City council receives complaints about tickets, timing

thumb SnowThe City of Calgary is examining the hours of snow-route parking bans after receiving feedback that the 6 a.m. schedule is interfering with Calgarians heading to work.

The current program requires that cars parked along major roadways and bus routes — identified by street signs — be moved after five centimetres of snow has collected on city streets, or a snow event has been declared.

Discusses high-demand pricing, increased time restrictions

thumb Henn_Parking22

Not being able to find parking can be a hair-pulling, teeth-clenching ordeal. In some of Calgary's commercial areas, this inconvenience is quite common, especially when the only available option is on-street parking.

Businesses have felt the frustration too.