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Harper trails Sutherland by 85 votes

svg 11440-01-6At approximately 11:15 p.m. Ward 1 candidate Ward Sutherland grabbed the microphone as nervous supporters and family gathered around.

"It's going to be a late late night for our campaign," said a somber Sutherland.

Sutherland finished 85 votes ahead of rival Chris Harper, but neither was ready to concede defeat in the face of an impending recount.  

Derek-CookInitiative plans to build community, resiliency, teach vulnerability

One of the long-term goals of The Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative is to decrease poverty in the city by half before 2023.

The initiative is using Statistic Canada's low-income cut-off rates as a reference to determining who is living in poverty.

Why is parking in Calgary so expensive?

parking3 thumbParking in Calgary is pricey – that's no shock. But when did our city decide it was going to pull a Manhattan and hold something as mundane as parking up to a brand-name standard?

According to Collier's 2012 Parking Rate Survey for North America, Calgary was rated the second most expensive place to park in all of North America, aside from New York. With monthly parking rates around $550, Calgarians working downtown are paying well over $6,000 a year for parking.

Chris Harper and Ward Sutherland battle for seat left empty by Hodges

Photo1 thumbChris Harper and Ward Sutherland are two headlining candidates in a battle for the Ward 1 city council seat left vacant by the retiring Dale Hodges.

Harper, a 32-year-old senior human resources and managerial consultant, came in second to Hodges in the last civic election in 2010 and insists that experience taught him what it would take to win the seat this time.

"Door knocking cannot be underestimated," says Harper as he sits in a local coffee shop before heading to a campaign meeting.