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“There’s nothing whatsoever that’s urgent about this, except the need for some members of the council to look good to the provincial government,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi during the first council meeting back from summer break on Sept. 9. 

The Bowfort Towers — which many detractors said looked too much like Blackfoot burial scaffolds — sparked controversy, contributing to Calgary City Council’s suspension of its embattled public art program in the fall of 2017.

Crossing the street is considered a menial task for many, but it can be intimidating for pedestrians with visual challenges or impairments.

While audible pedestrian signals provide a solution to this issue, many of Calgary’s intersections are still without them.

Ward 6 city councillor Jeff Davison spent years marketing and promoting large companies, but he now faces the difficult task of helping Calgary become a welcoming place to invest and grow businesses as a newcomer to Calgary politics.