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Dmitri Martini has always had a love for food, but never thought owning his own restaurant was in his cards. Initially, Martini ended up working as a church youth counsellor. But now Martini is the owner of an independent coffee shop in the city of Airdrie where he is trying a few new things such as Kombucha tea and a wine bar at night.

On a chilly, overcast afternoon in October, anti-abortion protesters gathered to set up their graphic posters of dead human fetuses outside of the east gate at Mount Royal University.

Music runs in Casey Lewis’s blood. But Lewis — who was initially more interested in the visual arts — didn’t discover his passion for drumming until he was 16. Now, he’s the drummer for the Calgary-based punk legends Belvedere and The Evidence.

At 19, many would think they’re at the prime of their lives. They’re young. No major responsibilities yet. And a whole life laid out in front.