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Journalism and optimism usually don’t belong together in the same sentence. Historically, traditional media have always had to adapt or die, but the problems of the Internet age are multifaceted and constantly evolving.

It is a terrifying time to be a journalist on the cusp of graduating and entering the media landscape, but it’s also exciting.

James Kohut has over 10 years of experience working on pipelines as a pipeline surveyor, along with other oilfield work experiences going back to 1980. He was trained at SAIT in Petroleum Technology Geology. Kohut now works as a ground crop farmer at his own small, hobby farm located in B.C. along the mainline railway routes. He farms during the summer months and lives in Calgary for the rest of the year. Additionally, he volunteers as a shadow cabinet member for democratic advancement with the Green Party of Alberta.

“This morning a lady sent me an email ... apparently they want to keep buying a lot more.”

Sixty-five years old and sitting comfortably in the office of his Calgary Latin American grocery market, Luis Villatoro is speaking of a corn tortilla product that he supplies.

Snugged in the back corner of Crossroads Market, Amanda Kindle stands behind the counter greeting locals into Friends & Gems Inc., a cozy vendor catering to people taking a holistic approach to life.