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At age 22, I will be meeting my sister for the first time, but I have no idea what to expect.

The small city of Airdrie has been called “the wife beating capital of Alberta” by those involved in ending the problem such as Crystal Boys, founder of Airdrie P.O.W.E.R.. Airdrie’s average number of calls to the RCMP relating to domestic abuse is four times higher than the provincial average.

School or travel, Why not do both? Here's 5 things you need to know to get your ticket to fly and learn.

“Do I want to go to school or satisfy my wanderlust?” Many students ponder this question as they arrive at university. The good news is, they can do both!

I struggled with accepting my life in Calgary, because all I wanted to do was live in my home community, the Piikani Nation. So for five years, the Nanton truck stop was the meeting place between two worlds.