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Pastors are seen as strong spiritual leaders in the church. However, they are not immune to the stress or pressures of the job, which can lead to detrimental effects on their mental health.

As a survivor and leading academic expert on the ‘60s Scoop era, University of Regina social work professor Raven Sinclair has been an important  voice on the lasting impact of the forced child welfare system on Indigenous communities within Canada.

Many Indigenous youths are unaware of the intergenerational trauma caused by residential schools. Because of this, experts say they are often left uneducated on the topic while struggling to cope with its effects. However, through youth initiatives both inside and outside of Southern Alberta Indigenous communities, the healing conversations are starting to happen.

Every night, I write out each task I need to complete the next day on separate sticky-notes and stick them to my bedroom mirror. When I wake up and get ready, I’m immediately faced with every task I need to accomplish before the day is over. I’ve had over fifteen sticky-notes littering my mirror some days. This day, I only had one.