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Concerns about writers and artists appropriating a culture other than their own have recently made headlines in Canada.

With food and product-delivery services such as SkipTheDishes and Amazon cornering the market how society browses, orders and receives what they want (and when they want it), increased disruption of the traditional consumerist status-quo seems to be the new normal — a testament to the tech-heavy times of our burgeoning digital culture.

An exploding trend in “going vegan” is starting to gain attention locally, and as more documentaries and social media influencers highlight gruesome details of animal cruelty and slaughter, their audiences become quickly swayed.

Design professor Milena Radzikowska was inspired to organize the panel held on March 29, after another feminist event at MRU featured provincial cabinet minister Stephanie McLean, responsible for Status of Women and Service Alberta, speaking about workplace inequality.