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Mike Fillinger stood out among the crowd at the Tim Horton's off the highway in Alberta's foothills. He has piercing blue eyes beneath a black baseball cap. But nothing about him revealed his past. Or the fact that he was charged with arson seven years ago and found not criminally responsible (NCR) for his crime.

Instagram has over 800 million active users scrolling through various content for countless hours a day. But what happens when a curiosity about health and fitness becomes nearly an obsession?

At age 22, I will be meeting my sister for the first time, but I have no idea what to expect.

The small city of Airdrie has been called “the wife beating capital of Alberta” by those involved in ending the problem such as Crystal Boys, founder of Airdrie P.O.W.E.R.. Airdrie’s average number of calls to the RCMP relating to domestic abuse is four times higher than the provincial average.