This past fall, I developed a fear of being murdered. 

Having recently moved from the alarmed fortress that was my parent's house into a downtown one-lock apartment by Circle K, formerly known as "Crack Macs," this fear was in overdrive.

In one of my favourite childhood movies, the fictional journalist Josie Geller attempts to go undercover in a high school.

The water that had once flowed freely, carving intricate grooves into the mountain, now appeared as a sheer plate of armour that covered the cliffside. It was an optimal playground for the outdoor-adventure seeker — and I felt ready as ever.

David Harvey has struggled with anxiety for most of his life but as a pastor, he was at first apprehensive that sharing his story might be a risk that could get him fired.

The discussion around mental health is no longer a phenomenon. Although some people remain uninformed about the subject, many programs and initiatives have been put in place to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health. 

Programs like Bell Let’s Talk serve to move the conversation forward by overcoming stigma; providing care, establishing research and engaging corporations.