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An offer to view homelessness turns into an intimate tour of Calgary streets

thumb GaryThe evening should have unfolded predictably. Two journalism students would follow an ex-homeless man named Gary as he "toured" Calgarians around the places he used to eat, sleep and drink.

The result would be a minute-long video clip to serve as a heart-warming reminder that there is hope for ending homelessness. 

Calgary journalist reflects on the sex beat 

thumb feet-in-bedWEBSex Sells — or so they say — and I should know as I've been pushing it for free for almost a year and a half. In addition to being a senior editor with The Calgary Journal community news organization, I am also an arts editor, journalist and sex columnist for the complimentary student paper, The Reflector, at Mount Royal University.

From the first article I have focused on topics that most people crinkle their noses at, but in doing research on these topics I often find compelling stories and facts that have made these columns not only interesting but often pretty entertaining.

How a lifelong passion for driving ended abruptly with a checkmark on a medical form

thumb Photo2mygrandfatherDriving along the highway in my rusty Ford Explorer, I glance over at the man who has been there for me my entire life, my grandfather, Adrian.

I remember riding in the passenger seat of his old Pontiac convertible as a little girl with a big grin plastered on my face. Telling jokes and pointing out interesting sights as we cruised along, there was never a dull moment with him behind the wheel.

Anonymity of Internet allows harassment to be widespread 

thumb Defreitas gaming 13

Depending on whom you ask, the Internet is an open source haven for sharing, learning and communicating, or it's a place rife with hate and intimidation.

The virtue of the Internet — its deregulation — has allowed us to harass and stalk each other without consequence. It's the "Digital Wild West."