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Anonymity of Internet allows harassment to be widespread 

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Depending on whom you ask, the Internet is an open source haven for sharing, learning and communicating, or it's a place rife with hate and intimidation.

The virtue of the Internet — its deregulation — has allowed us to harass and stalk each other without consequence. It's the "Digital Wild West."

We shouldn't be afraid to help

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At a recent family dinner, my Uncle Greg asked the table, "If you saw someone in need of help, would you help them?"

On first thought it is an easy answer. I for one wouldn't hesitate at offering a hand if I saw someone fall off their bike, drop their groceries or slip on ice. Saying no just wouldn't be an option for me.

But, there is always an exception to the rule.

Facing ridicule in the boys' club of online gaming 

thumb Defreitas-Gaming"Omg! A girl playing games on the Internet?"

Perhaps that question is slowly becoming a thing of the past. However, several years ago I couldn't count the number of times that question boomed through my gaming headset.

'Boomerang kid' returns to her parents' nest

thumb Olson boomerangWEBI'm a "boomerang kid." No, it's not the name of a really elusive indie band. Nor is it the name of a gang I belong too. Although, that title would look pretty nice on the back of a leather jacket.

At the ripe age of 23, I've joined the club of young adults asking to move home because of their financial situation.