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Studies suggest gossip isn't as bad as you think

thumb Gossip5"Tell me about your date last night. Tell me everything."

Most women have been in this situation or one similar to it before, and come on guys, most of you have gossiped about something or someone at some point. Before your cheeks go red and you get all flustered and embarrassed about gossiping, you should realize that not all gossip is bad.

One woman's journey from hopelessness to empowerment

thumb MelissaMolloyBy the time I came to university, I was like a broken vase held together by thin glue. Every move I made shifted the plates of my shaky parts. I was fragile and couldn't seem to do anything about it.

Life had been hard. Not the worst by any means, but hard.

Being efficient while having fun behind the bar

thumb WellDressedManWhether it's working at a downtown nightclub or neighbourhood pub, the house bartender has a responsibility to prove for patrons and set the tone for the venue. Being a bartender myself for several years, here are some tips to get the job done in an organized, presentable fashion.

Before and after wearing the scarf

thumb HijabAs a cashier I have to ask the same question of customers countless times at work: “did anyone give you a hand with that?”

They say, “Yes. The girl wearing…” They lean forward, point in a circular motion around their face and whisper, “that scarf.” Immediately I know they are talking about Farrah.