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A Calgary reporter remembers the sound of the train's horn as she slid into its view

thumb photo2It was Nov. 5, 2011, the day after the first snowfall of the year.

With my iPod plugged into the dash of my little Chevy Sonoma truck, I bobbed my head to the tune of country music. The music seemed appropriate for the surrounding scenery of those oh-so-familiar back roads, which had taken me from my parents' house in High River to their farm by Blackie many times. I took in the beautiful prairie fields and roads where I could drive for miles without meeting another vehicle.

Contesting an election with two female party leaders

SmithSince the election of Alberta's first female party leader in October 2009, many have wondered if the province's politics were beginning to shift.

Produced by: Asha Siad

In light of the burka ban in France and Canada's current ban of Muslim women wearing face coverings such as the burka and niqab when swearing the oath of citizenship, Sadia Jibran, a local young mother shares her thoughts and experiences on her decision to wear the niqab, its meaning and the misconceptions that follow.

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The consequences to assuming you're safe

thumb anon EcstacyEditor's note: Our writer has asked to remain anonymous in the story in order to avoid any stigmatization with drug use

Every Monday morning for the past month seems to hold the same story. Another young person has died over the weekend from what is suspected to be tainted ecstasy while more are hospitalized after overdosing.