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Being efficient while having fun behind the bar

thumb WellDressedManWhether it's working at a downtown nightclub or neighbourhood pub, the house bartender has a responsibility to prove for patrons and set the tone for the venue. Being a bartender myself for several years, here are some tips to get the job done in an organized, presentable fashion.

Before and after wearing the scarf

thumb HijabAs a cashier I have to ask the same question of customers countless times at work: “did anyone give you a hand with that?”

They say, “Yes. The girl wearing…” They lean forward, point in a circular motion around their face and whisper, “that scarf.” Immediately I know they are talking about Farrah.

Life after the death of an only child

thumb KathandLeahI was only nine years old when Leah died.

The phone rang, piercing the silence of an early November morning, and my mom dragged herself out of bed to answer it. Spying out of a small crack in my bedroom door, I watched as my mom sunk into the couch, her trembling hands holding the phone to her ear as her best friend Kathy Cloutier delivered the news that her only daughter Leah had made the decision to take her own life.

Student with cerebral palsy writes about her life, university studies and career aspirations

ThumbnailSome people tell me that I am stubborn and that I can't take no as an answer.

However, being born with a disability and having to cope with the daily physical challenges that accompany it, I sometimes hear the words “you can't do that” or “you won't be able to do that.”