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 Writer discusses her own battle with a debilitating condition

thumb mirroreyes copyI am a 13-year-old girl and it is the end of the school day at my junior high school. I've just been told by the boy that I've been obsessed with for months that I am "too ugly" to be his girlfriend.

History will decide whether Hanna rockers are rock legends or multi-platinum joke

thumb nkbkcdsIt's easy to be picked on when you're in the spotlight.

Strong criticisms have haunted the band Nickelback during a large chunk of their career.

There seem to be a few reasons why people hate the biggest rock 'n' roll band of our time.

Studies suggest gossip isn't as bad as you think

thumb Gossip5"Tell me about your date last night. Tell me everything."

Most women have been in this situation or one similar to it before, and come on guys, most of you have gossiped about something or someone at some point. Before your cheeks go red and you get all flustered and embarrassed about gossiping, you should realize that not all gossip is bad.

One woman's journey from hopelessness to empowerment

thumb MelissaMolloyBy the time I came to university, I was like a broken vase held together by thin glue. Every move I made shifted the plates of my shaky parts. I was fragile and couldn't seem to do anything about it.

Life had been hard. Not the worst by any means, but hard.