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What should support look like?

thumb Diand RuskBeing a nosy kid had its perks.

My parents always told me that if someone we knew had just announced they were separating I would be the first one to sit down beside them and interrogate them for the details, then pass along the information.

Former Governor General says Canada is thriving due to cultural diversity

thumb AdrienneClarkson1Adrienne Clarkson was the 26th Governor General of Canada. While only the second female Governor General, her appointment was notable for a number of firsts. As the Governor General, Clarkson was the first visible minority, the first Chinese-Canadian, as well as the first person without a political or military background to assume the position.

Writer recounts her strict upbringing in Chinese school

thumb AprilIpUnlike most children's Saturdays – full of cartoons and breakfast – mine were a blur of intricate characters, schoolmates, poem recitals and eraser marks. Attending Chinese school was a must in my family.

Growing up in an Asian household, I was put through the Chinese school system every Saturday — spending all of my elementary and junior high life learning my native tongue.

A reporter's struggle to stop trying to help others and focus on herself

thumb JClark codependency2Romantic relationships are difficult for me.

Well, they are tough for everybody. But if Shakespeare were around, soliciting for ideas on his next tragedy, he would turn to me for inspiration.