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Only 45 minutes of 2 hour governmental affairs committee held in public

Nenshi copyOn Oct. 4, 2012, we – two young reporters – attended our first committee meeting at city hall. We had, as one could only expect, certain expectations going into the meeting.

For one, we assumed that the meeting would be held in council chambers.

We also assumed that we would come away from the meeting with an eye-opening story.

Both of our assumptions were wrong.

Go ahead and tell us what you think.

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Editor-in-Chief Vern McGill welcomes you to a new year of the Calgary Journal.

VerneditedA journalism professor once told me that every person has a story to tell. I was skeptical at first. How could everyone have a story that's worth telling?

A local Mac's store cashier or a seemingly random group of people gathered at a bar – do their stories really shape our city?

Three years down the road, I have witnessed and listened to stories of success, heartbreak and even the paranormal.

Even after my friend's boyfriend continued to abuse her both emotionally and physically, she still agreed to marry him.

iStock headshotThere is no statistic that says in clear terms the most fragile part of the human body. From a physical standpoint some think it is the spine, because if it is broken there is a high chance of paralysis or death. In an emotional sense, some believe it to be the heart.

At 21, my friend Jamie loved a man named Steven. He frequently told her she looked ugly, needed to lose weight, and he was seen flirting with other girls.