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This byelection was expected to be uneventful, and Calgary Centre was thought to be a safe-seat. The unexpected developments can be traced to three factors.

A fraction of a second changes everything

backflipheadshotTwenty-five seconds. Hours upon hours of training. Years of pain. Pushing your body and mind to the extreme in training for only a 25 second run.

For just 25 seconds.

That's what moguls are about but a career can end in less than 25 seconds, something I found out four years ago.

Familiarizing oneself with the issue to understand how to defeat it

The stench that consistently surrounded her was one of her own stool and gas.

Labeled as a burden, she had forgotten what it was like to be touched, and the only voice to listen to was her own.

No one dared to console her. So the only comfort she felt was her hand brushing the hair away from her own face.

Only 45 minutes of 2 hour governmental affairs committee held in public

Nenshi copyOn Oct. 4, 2012, we – two young reporters – attended our first committee meeting at city hall. We had, as one could only expect, certain expectations going into the meeting.

For one, we assumed that the meeting would be held in council chambers.

We also assumed that we would come away from the meeting with an eye-opening story.

Both of our assumptions were wrong.