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Growing up as a non-believer in a family of Catholics

thumb AtheismRed velvet poinsettias are scattered about the foyer of the Our Lady of Guadalupe parish. The relatively tiny church on Edmonton Trail is packed with God's flock donning the finest duds. The priest stands at the altar, his voice a compassionate and welcoming falsetto, a band of gold and white around his neck. It must be Christmas time.

Privacy concerns of new Timeline convinces Calgary writer to clean slate

thumb fbwipe erased-2My public-opinion courtroom will soon be in session, and I will present my case as a job candidate.

As I prepare to look for work, human resources people Googling my name will serve as my career judges, juries and executioners.

Creator Tessa Lerbekmo says it started as a 'passion project'

thumb FashionMagazineDesignerAs Tessa Lerbekmo ushers me into her home studio, my eyes are greeted by a space that displays dark purple walls and black contemporary worktables scattered with magazine covers and Post-it notes.

What's your Dunbar number?

thumb WebDeviceFacebookI have an inability to accept when things are over.

I imagine if I work hard enough, things would last forever – mainly friendships. Facebook encourages this false sense of permanence.