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Two reporters stay up all night attempting to write a term paper

Virtually every person has felt the effects of sleep deprivation. With eyes feeling as heavy as 300 lb. weights, you will feel constantly irritated, forgetful, and even sensitivity to cold, making a warm room feel like an ice hut.

Avid fan reflects on how sports have dominated his life

thumb Geoff CraneI have a problem. I am a sports addict.

You may be laughing, thinking that this has got to be a joke, but I assure you that this is serious.

Married for 72 years, my grandparents could have taught celebrities a lesson or two about matrimony

thumb broken heart"What attracted you to her in the first place, how did you know she was the one?" I asked.

"Her smile," he said. "I noticed her smile across the room."

Upcoming film 'Brave' features less atypical princess but brand still fails to address gender stereotype problems

thumb MediaOnce upon a time – the beginning to every great fairy tale – where princes mount white steeds and gallop to the rescue of helpless maidens, where two people fall in love and live happily ever after.