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Five reasons to relax on an airplane

Logo DareUsStatistics suggest that 1 in 3 people are anxious or fearful of flying.

I am one those people.

Every time I get on an airplane I have the classic symptoms: rapid heart rate, sweaty palms, a purse full of anti-anxiety medications and those darting eyes that look toward every minor squeak outside of the plane as I find my seat. 

X92.9 brings music, fear and loathing to the Rockies one last time

dan-manganthumbOne Weekend Only 5 had come to an end — and as I headed back to Calgary I had over a day's worth of tape, two cameras full of pictures and vague memories of robots, hot tubs and fog machines to sort through.

Winter woes in Calgary

Cars thumbSnow removal stinks in Calgary.

Anyone transplanted from elsewhere in Canada will likely tell you the same. Try telling a Montrealer that he should not expect to see the streets in Calgary properly cleared in winter and he won't believe you.

Calgarians are flummoxed by any modest accumulation of the white stuff.

Understanding the gentle giant

Angel3withme thumb copyAngel's silver collar jingles against her pink dog tag as she kicks up snow. She runs toward the two white and brown shih tzus who have just entered with their owner into the off-leash area down the street from our Beddington house in N.W. Calgary.

Angel approaches the dogs less than half her size excitedly, wagging her tail back and forth and panting with excitement at the middle-aged woman's feet. She desperately wants to be pet by this new person.