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Religion has been around for as long as the invention of writing, about 5,200 years. However, the current generation, known as Generation Z, is starting to grow into new ways of personal spirituality. 

Every day, more companies are integrating the topic of body positivity into their advertisements. Even though it’s a good thing for media to show different kinds of beauty, experts say companies must act in ways that match those values or risk being seen as inauthentic.

There are now more than 700,000 podcasts around the world, making it feel like a flooded market. However, some Calgary-based productions have still managed to gain popularity with their unique topics, ranging from sports and culture, to storytelling and business. In this edition, the Calgary Journal takes a look at six of them.

“Thick, white rain.”

That’s what one young adult calls the forecasted precipitation to avoid using the word snow. His effort to enforce the same censorship on a few dozen youth and young adults sparks laughter all around. The forecast is hardly surprising considering the chill in the air, but inside this mobile drop-in centre, there is a noticeable warmth and camaraderie.