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Back in The Day has been performing together since they were teenagers. The five-piece cover band has faced several changes internally, but have managed to keep the band together and going strong for 30-plus years.

Not everyone can remain positive in sad situations, however, pediatric primary nurse Jo Brooks does this on a daily basis while working at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

I have always been a fan of human hibernation for the winter — layering myself in the warmth of fuzzy clothes and only unwrapping myself from my goose feather duvet when necessary. During the cold months, I tend to wait inside until the skin-prickling air transforms into a sun-shining, skin-melting feeling. 

The secret to maintaining whatever sanity I have left is Periwinkle.

 As a third-year university student, I often find myself feeling overwhelmed with the stress of impending deadlines, assignments and the responsibilities of regular adult life. One of the key factors keeping stress from shutting me down completely is my horse, Periwinkle.