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Seven years ago, Rich Théroux created Rumble House, a home for local live art battles. While it is now established in Calgary’s art scene, Théroux says there have been many challenges along the way.

Statistics Canada continues to report that around 80 per cent of the intimate partner violence (IVP) victims in police-reported incidents are women. 

For the first time, I pull tight on my sky-blue laces and tie in a bow. Then slide on velcro knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and buckle my sparkly, black helmet. Twenty minutes in, and I'm ready to wobble. Like the fledgling I am, I stand knees bent, arms out wide in front of me, preparing to fall. Fear-gripped, I ask myself, is this really worth it?

Transgender individuals are three times more likely to be unemployed due to discrimination in the mainstream job market. As a result, many transgender women look to sex work as a source of income.