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For the first time, I pull tight on my sky-blue laces and tie in a bow. Then slide on velcro knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and buckle my sparkly, black helmet. Twenty minutes in, and I'm ready to wobble. Like the fledgling I am, I stand knees bent, arms out wide in front of me, preparing to fall. Fear-gripped, I ask myself, is this really worth it?

Transgender individuals are three times more likely to be unemployed due to discrimination in the mainstream job market. As a result, many transgender women look to sex work as a source of income.

As a child, Hunter Athena wanted to be a performer - or, more specifically, a model or actor for Disney.

At the Calgary Zoo, when artificially breeding whooping cranes "the staff first have to restrain a male, stroke his legs and purr to him."