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The Calgary Journal


As spring approaches, the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) prepares for the influx of baby animals to arrive at the rehabilitation centre. However, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, concerns grow around how to care for these animals with all 140 volunteers and many of its staff staying home, along with fundraiser events cancelled as a result of social distancing.

The chaotic effects of COVID-19 have afflicted Calgary for what feels like an eternity now. However, just beyond the southwest end of the city in the heart of the Foothills, 79-year-old Pauline Lyken enjoys a cloudy afternoon on her acreage. 

Calgary has a bustling tourism and travel industry, but as COVID-19 continues to spread, the pandemic is proving to be a threat to the sector’s bottom line – especially with the busy summer season coming up. And now businesses are questioning how they’ll be able to make ends meet.

Forrest Galante, the host of the Animal Planet show Extinct or Alive, has overcome political turmoil and looked into the eyes of some of the deadliest animals on Earth. But he’s now facing a new peril — like many others around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has stopped Galante’s fieldwork as a wildlife biologist. However, he also thinks changes forced by the pandemic could help stop other diseases jumping from animals to humans in the future.