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The early pandemic lockdown restrictions forced many people into self-isolation for weeks in March and April. From schooling being moved online to workplaces being closed, Calgarians were living in unprecedented times. During those days of isolation, a few Calgary Journal reporters recorded their own video diaries to discuss how they were handling day-to-day life.

On my last day out in civilization before becoming a COVID-19 hermit, I went around Calgary to see what it looked like. I started by walking around my neighbourhood.

Pandemic lockdown has some perks — working from home, having time to learn a new hobby or two and even catching up on TV shows you’ve been wanting to watch. But some new habits are going to have to be broken when this is all over. Here are seven things that should be left in the past with COVID-19.

Coming from a war-torn country, Shaqir Duraj has always been appreciative of the help that Canadians gave him and his family when first arriving in Canada. Now, in the face of a global pandemic, Duraj hopes to give back as much as he can through his business.