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Special Projects

At any given time, up to 150 Calgary Journal reporters are infiltrating their neighbourhoods, their communities, their city, their world.  Our special projects showcase some of our strongest journalism investigations, ranging from street photography to in-depth coverage of news issues affecting our day-to-day lives. 


Calgary Journal reporters are everywhere in our city, capturing news and finding the art in everyday life. This page will feature some of their best work.

Hindsight 2026 was a joint project between the Sprawl and the Calgary Journal, focused on digging into past Olympics to evaluate whether a 2026 Winter Games in Calgary would help or hinder our city.

Calgary Canvas five-part series that illustrates two views on city issues, produced by MRU journalism student in winter, 2018. 

Calgary Votes 2017

In October 2017, the Calgary Journal team covered a wide range of issues surrounding the civic election. In the end, Mayor Naheed Nenshi was re-elected and all ten incumbents won, but that doesn’t mean there were no surprises.

On the job: career profiles

From professional cuddler to travel blogger, a team of Calgary Journal reporters explored some a variety of career paths as part of their work place preparation course in fall, 2017.

Calgary Builds

The Calgary Builds website is the result of hard-working Mount Royal University Online Journalism students who culled information from the City of Calgary, hit the streets to interview key people and also dug deep into previous media coverage to highlight a variety of infrastructure projects that will transform Calgary for decades to come.


Why African, Black and Caribbean communities struggle with HIV/AIDS stigma in Canada

A Calgary Journal investigation reveals that without a cohesive national response to HIV/AIDS in African, Caribbean and Black communities,  individuals remain susceptible to the virus because of stigma.

Since 1877 all Albertans have been treaty people

A Calgary Journal team of reporters explores how Treaty Seven affects all Calgarians, including their relationships with their land, identity, and history.

How psychedelics may have medical benefits

After a 50-year ban on research, scientists are once again exploring the use of ecstasy, LSD and magic mushrooms in combination with  psychotherapy as a treatment for mental health issues. 

Federal Election 2015

Many were surprised when Justin Trudeau's Liberals cinched a majority in the October 2015 federal election. The Calgary Journal offered unique coverage of the issues, ranging from a test-your-political-smarts video feature to intimate recorded conversations featuring Calgarians with different backgrounds sharing their concerns. 

Calgary Secondary Suite Investigation

The mayor wants more of them. Some Calgarians want fewer. Whatever the case, secondary suites are here to stay.  In 2014, Calgary Journal reporters examined four years of appeals at Calgary’s planning authority, analyzing data to help us understand why secondary suites meet opposition in the city. 

Downturn Diaries

Calgary's boom and bust economy is a given thanks to the city's dependence on oil and gas. But each time the economy nose-dives, people in every corner of the city are directly affected. These are their stories. 

Faces of Calgary

Inspired by the Humans of New York photography project, Calgary Journal photographers take to the streets, capturing through photo and video, the electic faces of our city. 


People spend so many hours of the week, working. In this series, we take you behind the scenes to explore some unusual jobs. Pet cremation, personal shopping, genital piercing are just a few of the careers highlighted in our #yycAtWork series. 

Places of Calgary

From capturing the energetic vibe on  Stephen Avenue to the quiet solitude of the Glenmore Resevoir, Places of Calgary is a video collection of short stories highlighting some of our favourite places.


Produced by Calgary Journal senior reporters, yycDOCS is an eclectic mix of video documentaries about the issues, people and places of our city and beyond.

Our current fiscal issue is not our first

A look back at how the Alberta government has historically responded to oil crises shows how few lessons were heeded in subsequent Tory administrations.