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Brette Culp has loved photography and EDM music for years. She has been able to combine her two passions by shooting at venues in Calgary, and at music festivals in Canada.

However, despite the booming EDM industry, she hasn’t been able to profit from her photography. That’s often because other photographers are willing to work without pay.

Flowers, sparkles and lace take on a new meaning on September 29 for the Calgary International Fashion and Arts Week 2019 at the Carriage House Inn. Put on by Spotlight Couronne Internationale Inc, a personality development training camp and production company.

Indigenous youth shared their experiences growing up at a storytelling showcase Saturday, Nov. 23. The youth explored their identity through songs, multimedia creations and dance.

For Katelyn Morishita, a life on stage was just a dream, but StoryBook Theatre took a chance on her as an actress. The theatre welcomed her into their family and gave her the opportunity to play a starring role in their latest production, Matilda.