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The Dong Show a success despite facing criticisms

thumb HANGINGDoug Mckinnon, artist and owner of the Stoneworx Gallery in Art Central, is receiving criticism for his newest exhibition called “The Dong Show.”

“The Dong Show” includes paintings by Daniel Audet, sculptures by Tobias Luttmer, photographs by Alicia Hoogveld, as well as other mediums from various artists.

Calgary isn’t exactly known for its arts and music scene, but you only need to scratch the surface to reveal an abundance of local bands that are doing their own thing and turning out some great music in the process.

Inspiration from the arts community and hard work have translated into success for one Calgary artist

thumb filmmaker-thumbnailWearing multiple hats comes naturally to award-winning artist Danielle French.

 She pursues multiple creative goals and embodies a distinctive combination of traits: creative and pragmatic, exploratory and collaborative, and humble and successful.

Shooting tips for the beginner

DSC 0209 copyWith the start of fall, shooting is a great sport to get outside and literally, “give it a shot.” It’s great at any time of year, but fall especially offers shooters a chance to enjoy beautiful scenery.

I myself have been shooting for four years and hope my experiences will help you when you go out for your first time. As a new shooter, here’s what you need to know before you pick up the shotgun, rifle or handgun.