CPO-001Pop music series is a strategic move by Calgary's orchestra

Mama mia, here we go again.

 The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) is continuing to expand its pop and rock music series, bringing audiences the sounds of Pink Floyd, ABBA and Sting this season, and recently performing music of the Beatles in September.

Ditch the dollar store décor for eco-friendly alternatives

halloweenthumbIn a few weeks, homes across the city will be spooked out.

Lawns will be transformed into eerie cemeteries, windows will be covered in cobwebs and giant spiders with glowing eyes will guard doors. But this Halloween, Calgarians can make sure that the scariest night of the year doesn't turn out to be a nightmare for the environment.

Second annual event for more than collectors

gemthumbColours from each end of the spectrum light up and even sparkle on the tables at the Calgary Gem & Mineral Show.

Founder Alex Kuznetsov, 39, is a Russian-born geologist who moved to Canada in 2003, leaving his collection of rocks behind, but not his passion for earthly treasures.

Eagar brothers visit Calgary during national tour

tour2-thumbnailBetween the two of them, brothers Jeff and Chris Eagar have traveled to more countries than most could dream of in a lifetime.

Better known from the travel series "Which Way To...," a Gemini-nominated series that ran on the Outdoor Life Network from 2009 to 2010, the brothers, both in their 40's, have traveled the world several times over, documenting their experiences.

But it's their latest adventure, close to home, that has them really buzzing.