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If it's music you want, check this out:

- Buddy Jewel, Oct. 7, The Golden Eagle Casino

- Enslaved, Oct. 8, Dickens Pub

Calgary gamers get together at sports bar to watch Major League Gaming event.

poolbarcraftA new global phenomenon began this summer. Instead of watching UFC or hockey while enjoying your weekly wings and beer, people are gathering to watch Major League Gaming (MLG) events featuring Starcraft 2, where three alien species battle for salvation.

This event is called, Barcraft.

Trendy Calgarians continue opting to sew their own clothing

sewmachine copyIn an era where instant gratification is more common than a bad winter cold, the notion of making your own clothing seems like a distant dream. Who wants to tirelessly devote themselves to the endurance of constant pricks from pins?

Elle Nguyen does.

cinderellathumbLoose Moose Theatre is well known for its improvisational stage work, and the company is sticking to its tried-and-true methods when putting together the familiar kids tale of "Sleeping Beauty."

While the play is based on the classic Disney story, improvisers from Loose Moose will put their own spin on the tale.