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Global attempt to break a world record; Calgary participates

Thriller, performed by Michael Jackson.(Sony)
Video by Matt O'Connor

The living dead rose to dance Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” a few days before Halloween.

In an annual simultaneous dance, Jackson fans from around the world dressed as zombies, and at 8 p.m. sharp on Oct.29, the dancers busted their groove in an effort to smash into the Guinness Book of World Records.


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Imagine not being considered a person, being told you're not really part of society. Women in Canada were told just this until Oct. 18, 1929, when the Supreme Court of Canada declared them persons.

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Waiters whirl by with tasty delights, music and the hum of conversation fill the air and the lighting in the room is set to delightfully expose the thoughtful decorations, all too ready to set ambience.

In spirit of the holiday, Hallow's Eve is host to several movie events across the city


B movie and pop culture fanatics horde to dark, body-filled halls around Calgary on a late October weekend, in anticipation for one thing — to experience their favorite cult-classics "gone wild" in the spirit of Halloween