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 B177344 copyThe New Gallery highlights work of two Albertan artists in thought-provoking show

Clinical terms such as "bonding," "molecule" and "reactive properties" imply imagery of laboratories and science.

Folkloric, Andalucían music featured at Nov. 11 concert

martinthumbIt's marked by a fast-paced beat created with a Spanish guitar. Often a flute player joins in. And a singer tells a story.

Then a dancer steps in — a woman with a flowing red dress spins elegantly, and occasionally claps her hands to the beat.

One reporter takes a deep look at caving in Canmore, Alta.

cavingthumbI could feel panic rising in my chest as I stepped closer to the slippery edge. Looking down was nothing but darkness, a deep hole in the earth. My hands were cold, my feet wet but adrenalin pumped through me, coaxing me to go forth. I let go of all of my doubts, closed my eyes and stepped off the edge.

Experts dispense advice for newcomers wanting to take their first steps into the marketplace

thumb moneytreeFor Lana Gojmerac, choosing the mutual funds for her registered retirement savings plan was a daunting task.

"It felt like picking off of a questionnaire," said the 36-year-old.