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The field of music is a heavily male-dominated industry in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada. Many employed in the music business are unsurprised with the imbalance yet uncertain about what’s causing it. They are certain, however, about some measures that might help change that in Canadian symphonies.

What can giant fire-breathing art, mutant vehicles and a wooden man engorged in flames teach you about life? A lot, if you’re willing to step into the world of Burning Man.

Contemporary food trends in Calgary have been popping up and continuing to grow over the past few years, encouraging chefs and bakers alike to showcase their creativity. While new spots are gaining traction, traditional places are holding strong with a new wave of foodies that are exploring the world of baked goods. Here’s four local pastry spots that stood out for their modernization or traditionalism.

Held on Aug. 11, the Omatsuri, which translates to “festival”, attracted over 5,000 people to Max Bell Centre.