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Erica Hudson has always loved both science and music and wanted to pursue both as a career. However, both fields require a lot of time and are quite demanding, so she had to choose one or the other.

Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby’s home studio is a lot like their animation career: unassuming. Their Inglewood house looks just as cute as the rest but it hides a wealth of craftsmanship. Small pieces of artwork cover walls and hang on banisters. Rustic furniture matches the old hardwood floors. It’s very textural and very modest.

The allure of killing an entire day playing video games — an already decades-old global phenomenon that is now the most popular form of entertainment, one which simultaneously allows the release of pleasure-driving dopamine and instant gratification — is both enticing and seductive.
With the oversaturation of DJs in today’s electronic music scene, Evan Enzeo a local DJ in Calgary, says it’s important to make yourself stand out in the crowd.