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Fashion is a major part of any era and in some cases, it defines that time period. Throughout the years, people have been changing their look to blend in, feel comfortable or to stay on top of trends. However, the fashion industry is expensive. According to Statistics Canada, in 2016 the average household spent $3,371 on clothing and accessories. One Calgary fashion stylist is challenging the industry and is pushing for affordable contemporary clothing.

Art sales allow for a dynamic mix of artists to showcase their talents and to meet with potential customers. The Wildflower Arts Centre is a facility run by the city of Calgary to teach affordable art classes. Recently, the facility held its annual art sale, the Wildflower Art Salon and Sale, where artists displayed their pieces while also raising money for children to express themselves through dance.

The fifth annual YYC Pizza Week has come and gone with the winners having been announced with critical praise. While Trolley 5 Brewpub didn’t make the cut, it still received rave reviews.

Opened in 1905, the King Eddy began its legendary start up next to the Canadian Pacific Railway coming into Calgary. The longtime bar and hotel was a cornerstone for the beginning of town’s downtown.