Anglers from Calgary speak on the benefits of fly fishing

troutthumbAs an angler rhythmically casts her fly line against the orange backdrop of falling leaves, it's easy to forget the problems of the mind and the soul.

Anita Wolf, 41, has been fly fishing for seven years and is a certified casting instructor from Calgary with the Federation of Fly Fishers. According to their website, the Federation has members all over the world, working to educate, conserve and restore the sport of fly fishing.

The Animal Rescue Foundation of Alberta contributes over $25,000 to help homeless dogs and cats.

friends copyFor many people, 125 dog walkers accompanied by their furry friends may sound like a chaotic experience. In reality, the gathering held Sept. 25 was anything but.

thumb IMG 5283Clad in ‘80s style business attire, armed with an FM transmitter and 200+ boom boxes, “Tom + Gary’s Dynamic Dance Party Delivery Service” stopped by Calgary on Friday night to host what was billed as a “decentralized dance party,” or “DDP.”

Festival coordinator notes this year’s Alberta films are amongst the strongest in history

For the first time in its history, The Calgary International Film Festival is featuring its local spotlight on five Alberta produced films: “A Legend of Whitey,” “Lloyd the Conqueror,” “Below Zero,” “Theo Fleury,“Playing with Fire” and “Wolves Unleashed.”