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Which location will be crowned 'best hot chocolate'?

hotchocolate thumbFebruary marks the second annual YYC Hot Chocolate Festival, which puts restaurants, hotels and bars in some chocolatey competition.

Participating locations across the city create their own twist on hot chocolate and a portion of each sale goes to Meals on Wheels, a charity that provides food and services for those in need.

ML Bader, events co-ordinator for the festival, says she hopes to see families heading out after a day of tobogganing to explore the festival and taste all the flavours being created.

Laurel Crum, bar manager at Cibo restaurant on 17th Avenue S.W. says the drink she and head chef Jon Kennard created is based on Italian roots.

Produced by Vern McGill

"We got the recipe for an Italian hot chocolate, which is thick, rich and dark," Crum says. "We did a hazelnut flavour, vanilla whip cream and a nice biscotti on top." 

Crum says the festival has excited her staff and that they are hoping to win the award for best hot chocolate in town.

Cibo is one of over 21 locations spread across the city and each location has their own creative twist on the classic drink.

The YYC Hot Chocolate festival continues until the end of the month and more information is available on its website.