Escapism reaches a new level

Adventurous new gaming trend locks away the hearts and imaginations of Calgarians

LockedGroup thumbnailFor some, the idea of locking yourself away in a room specifically designed to hold you prisoner would be nothing short of absolute insanity. But for many Calgarians, it’s simply the latest affordable thrill.

“There is such a high after you get out of the room, whether you solved all the puzzles or not. It’s that feeling of, ‘We did it!’” says Kay Jarand, fresh off of successfully vanquishing a series of mythological beasts in The Locked Room’s “Lair of the Minotaur”, her five-person team escaping with just 12 minutes to spare from the hour participants are given to complete a room.

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Mountaineers overcome century-old gear to reach Bugaboo Spire

Canadian team recreates gruelling 1916 climb of B.C. peak

Thumb2One hundred years ago, a group of pioneering Canadian climbers scrambled up the steep inclines of the Bugaboo Spire in B.C.’s Purcell Mountains, muscles on fire, thoughts likely racing to figure out which handhold to grab next, a strand of hemp rope the only thing stopping them from tumbling down to certain death.

This was the reality of mountain climbing a century ago, a challenge that Conrad Kain, one of the most revered mountaineers in Canadian history, set out to face as the first person in the world to reach the summit of the Bugaboo Spire in 1916.

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Friendly rivalries and flying paint

Paintball grows as a sport while promoting an inclusive community atmosphere

ThumbWhile many view paintball as little more than a game, a fun way to spend a birthday or a bachelor party, to many in Alberta it is much more. It is a competitive sport, a community, a way of life.

It’s a community with a subtle balance between fierce competition and loyal friendship. There are a number of competitive leagues and tournaments in Alberta for all ages and skill levels.

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Playing outside the lines with these alternative summer sports

Paintball, axe throwing and plenty of reasons to try something a bit different

ThumbTired of dusting off the same old sports equipment year after year? Throwing the same football, or hitting the same baseballs year after year gets old quick, so why not try out some sports and outdoor activities that take the action to the next level?

Summer is short in Alberta, much to the dismay of outdoor sports lovers and anyone who enjoys the sunshine. There is only so much time to get out and try all the exciting things going on in the summer sun, and for those getting bored of the same sports year after year, here are a few ideas that might go a long way to making the summer more exciting.

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