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Powerlifter Breann Thiessen seeks to empower young women to pursue strength-based activities

22-year-old overcame depression after injury through new sport

PowerlifterTBNLIn the depths of SAIT Polytechnic, down several flights of stairs, is Peak Power Sport Development. Here, 22-year-old powerlifter Breann Thiessen trains for the sport that gave her a second chance.

The 4-11 athlete moves through the gym with a perpetual smile on her face, joking with teammates and preparing to start a brand new program. Considering the serious lifting done here, the atmosphere is light and positive, which can't help but be partially attributed to Thiessen's demeanor.

With chalk on her hands, she grips the bar at her feet, the smile momentarily fading. It's time to go to work.


Football coaching techniques teaching players how to avoid injury

Concussion concerns causing a tackling transformation at high school levels

FootConcTBNLAirdrie Bantam football coach Steve Kemp says football has changed immensely since he played 10 years ago and has seen a dramatic transformation in the way the game is being coached.

Concussions in football have been a rising concern for years and new coaching techniques have been introduced in order for the coaches to teach players new ways to tackle while avoiding injury.

"Back when I started you were taught to put your face mask into the others guy's face mask, you were taught to lead with your head and use your helmet as a weapon," Kemp says.


Call of Duty dodgeball keeping students healthy

MRU residents playing popular school yard game lowering stress and building bonds

Dodgeball2A rambunctious game of dodgeball is going on in a Mount Royal University gym and students from nearby residence joined the action.

The theme was Call of Duty, which was made apparent by the overwhelming number of costumes, face masks, camouflage, and war paint.

This was the first evening of the monthly activity, and when students from East and West res started to mix, fantastic things happened.


Flames' Brian McGrattan and Sean Monahan share a flourishing bromance

How Calgary's sophomore star and veteran tough guy forged one of the locker room's closest friendships

MonyGratsTMBNLBold, menacing, and heavily-tattooed, Brian McGrattan has been giving opponents nightmares for years. Weighing north of 235 pounds, and standing 6'4, the 33-year-old Calgary Flames winger has paved his NHL career with his fists.

This makes his close friendship with the Flames' smooth-skating 20-year-old centre, Sean Monahan all the more intriguing.

Monahan was a highly-touted centre after two strong junior seasons for the Ottawa 67's, before being drafted sixth overall by the Calgary Flames in 2013. His slick puck handling skills, high hockey IQ and pure ability to put the puck in the net gave fans hope about a player who might one day fill the void left by former captain, Jarome Iginla.