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Bauer Canada and Hockey Calgary team up

Bauer Canada's 'Grow the Game' initiative helps ease parents' concerns with the price of hockey

CC-HockeySome parents are hesitant in enrolling their children in hockey because of the high cost, but Bauer Canada's Grow the Game initiative has partnered with Hockey Calgary and other local minor hockey associations across Canada to help ease their hesitancy.

Northwest Calgary Athletic Association president Ty Snaith says the cost factor of hockey is high, especially for elite hockey teams.

"Hockey in this country is becoming an elites sport because a lot of people just can't afford it," says Snaith.

Snaith says the parents of kids playing for midget or bantam AAA hockey teams are paying around $6,000 to $7,000 a year to have their kid in hockey.

That's not quite what hockey dad Jeff Shugg is paying – although the final bill is still costly.


Johnny Forzani: From jersey to business suit

Cold practices inspired former Calgary Stampeder to pursue business opportunity after devastating ankle injury

Forzani CatchAfter former Calgary Stampeder Johnny Forzani suffered a career-ending ankle injury, it would have been natural to expect him to flounder in the career world.

Instead, Forzani traded in his jersey for a suit, and along with a childhood friend, Jesse Galvon, kick started a business that is now a part of the growing wearable technology industry.

Forzani, 25, was a player with the team from 2010 to 2012. His best season came in 2011 when he had 45 receptions for 761 yards and five touchdowns.

But in 2012 he suffered a devastating ankle injury.

The former Stampeder tore all of the ligaments in his ankle and the healing process lead to the end of his professional football career.

"It was devastating," says Forzani.


Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk: Canada’s long drive champion

Calgary golfer uses her powerful swing to launch career

2009-long-drive-champthumb"No, little missy, the ladies tees are up there," said the starter at the famous first hole of Pebble Beach Golf Club, as he pointed toward the front tee box.

Lisa Vlooswyk, or Lisa Longball as she's better known, gave a little smirk to the starter. "But my handicap indicates I should play from the blues," said the friendly Vlooswyk, who was excited to be playing the legendary track for the first time in 2002.

"Oh no no no no no no no no, all ladies need to play from the ladies tees," responded the starter.

After some exchanged words Vlooswyk managed to get her way, and waited patiently for the group in front of her to clear the fairway. The group in front of her included legend and four-time Masters Champion Arnold Palmer.


The hockey season is over, now what?

Skaters hit the rinks on four wheels

RollerThumbThe championships have been won, team wind-up parties are done, and the curtain on the 2014-2015 minor ice hockey season has fallen.

Now what?

Kids and adults all over Calgary have left the glorious smell of the hockey dressing room for the last time this season and will go their separate ways for the off-season.

Many will take the summer months off from sports, but many will also play a variety of other organized sports. Soccer, baseball, lacrosse and football all come to mind, but there is another sport out there that many people like to play after ice hockey season wraps up.