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Rookie baker is making delicious creations while solidifying her own business in the Calgary area

Naomi Graaf's creative desserts will leave you with a sweet tooth

BakingProfileNaomi Graaf has always loved baking, but it was some encouragement from her husband to point her in the right direction, after which, she jumped on YouTube, absorbing all she could from the plethora of baking and decorating tutorials.

"My husband said that anyone could make cakes and make them really neat looking but you've got to make sure they taste good," said Graaf.


Calgary teen’s fundraising efforts for organ transplants still active two years after her death

Marit McKenzie's best friend inspired her to connect with the David Foster Foundation

 MG 9097Calgary teen Marit McKenzie had a passion for her art, her family and her friends. Two years after her unexpected death, Marit's commitment to raising awareness about organ donation continues to inspire those who knew her.

In grade 12, Marit began to work on a community service project about breast cancer. However, Marit changed the focus of her project when her best friend Paige Thakkar, whom she met in grade 3, experienced an episode of rejection related to her liver transplant that she received as a baby.

While Marit made regular visits to Paige in the hospital, she learned everything she could about her friend's condition. In doing so, Marit came across the David Foster Foundation – a foundation dedicated to raising funds and awareness for organ transplants.


Andrew Killam: an alcoholic’s trial by fire

A Calgarian's decade-long struggle with alcoholism, a failed liver and his newfound quest for sobriety

thumbnail img 6264Twelve years ago, Calgary native Andrew Killam was living the type of lifestyle that he and his friends had always dreamed of. He and his best friend had just moved into an apartment together and the two of them were beginning to establish themselves as credible artists in the Calgary rap scene.

Killam's Mayfair Place apartment on the corner of Elbow Drive S.W. and Glenmore Trail S.W. quickly became the central hub for local artists to hang out, work on their lyrics, and most importantly, to party and to drink to their hearts' content.


#YYCAtWork: Projecting the future

Logan Cameron makes a living off of being a projectionist, but the occupation is going out of style

Projectionist6Logan Cameron is an "accidental projectionist" who came to love film. But now that the medium has gone out of style, he doesn't get to work with film much anymore — although he's convinced it will come back.

Cameron first found himself behind a projector in 2002 after the collapse of the projection union. Due to salary cuts, projectionists citywide began abandoning their jobs.

Hoping to find individuals to run the projectors, managers turned to their existing employees.

"It seemed like all the managers just chose their favorite employees to be projectionists," says local Calgarian, Cameron.

Back then film was the only means to show movies. But that just isn't the case anymore.