A man and his dog: A saunter through Nose Hill

Fall colours of the Northwest park instill calm amidst the hectic


Nose Hill Park in the fall is one of the most visually stunning areas in the city. The vegetation, the hiking trails and the wildlife make it hard to believe it is just 10 minutes from the downtown core.

When it comes to alleviating stress, forgetting due dates, deadlines and debt, walking my English bulldog, Gavin, is as calming as it gets.


Garage rock repair shop

Finding therapy with a soldering iron and power chords

Produced by RYAN RUMBOLT

Since I started playing guitar at 16, I have been obsessed with tearing my guitars apart and putting them back together. For me, it is a therapeutic hobby – something that helps me connect physically with the artistic side of song writing and music.

And so, my favorite place in the city is the garage where I do my electric guitar repairs, affectionately referred to as the Car Hold. It is also where my band, DangerFloyd, practices every week.