Misuse of garburators causing blockages in city pipes

Convenience comes with a price

And in this case it’s clogged drains caused by in-sink food disposal units.

That’s what Torontonians found out when garburators were banned in 2007-2008.

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They never gave up: The Beakerhead hot air balloon story

It’s a crisp clear Saturday morning at Slater Park in southeast Calgary. Hundreds of people are gathering there for an eventful day full of Beakerhead festivities, which for a lucky few will include a ride on a massive, yellow, hot-fired balloon. 

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Some of Calgary’s historic haunts, not so haunted after all

As Halloween draws near, we shine a light on some of our city’s gloomiest ghost stories

devilsplaygroundthumbnailAny Calgarian worth their cowboy boots has heard of the Deane House, the Lougheed House, the Prince House, and the Cross House — all local historical haunts, each with backstories that can make even the most cynical skeptics shiver.

Rumours are resurfacing that the Deane House in Inglewood will once again re-open its popular restaurant under new management just in time for Halloween, to the delight of local fright-enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

But as the witching hour approaches, how can Calgarians hope to keep themselves entertained in the meantime?

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MRU conservatory students furious with staffing decisions affecting music programs

Members of Mount Royal University’s music conservatory community say they are furious with recent staffing decisions made by senior university administrators.

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