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Building up and out

Experts talk plans for a denser, more walkable Calgary

Bumper to bumper traffic heading downtownIf North America is the kingdom of the car, Calgary could very well serve as the capital of that kingdom. At 700 square kilometres, Calgary is almost the same size as the city of New York, N.Y., but is only home to one-tenth of their population.

When any population grows, transit, roads and amenities must grow with it. Calgary is a city connected by roaring freeways and a transit system that stretches from the core deep into the ever-expanding edges of the city. Hour-long commutes are commonplace and transit is at capacity during peak hours.


Number of women on city council at 40-year low point

Unique challenges face female politicians, say experts

thumb thumb Farrell1 copyOver the past decade, the number of women holding elected office on Calgary's City Council has been steadily declining. Following the most recent municipal election in fall 2013, two out of council's 15 representatives are women, a ratio of only 12.5 per cent.

These numbers may seem representative of a different era. The last time numbers were this low was in 1971, when the late Barb Scott stood alone as the sole female representative on council.

So why are so few women entering Calgary's political landscape? And what are the consequences when a city council lacks gender diversity? The Calgary Journal explores declining female political participation and what this might mean for our city.


Calgary waits in limbo on secondary suite development, other cities push forward

Regulations compared to Cochrane, Edmonton, Vancouver

thumb CourtneyssuiteThroughout the Calgary Journal's extensive Inside Secondary Suites Investigation, overarching patterns and issues involving these developments were uncovered.

If a Calgarian wishes to apply for a development permit they must go through the City of Calgary Development Authority, which manages developments throughout the city and also classifies each suite as legal, illegal or non-conforming.

Illegal suites are those that are either built without a permit or do not meet building codes.

Non-conforming suites are those that may have met building codes at the time of construction – but do not meet present day codes.


Council recommends extending liquor consumption to 3 a.m.

Extension could create safer, less crowded streets, say councillors

THUMB LIQUORWait times for cabs, crammed streets and shoving shoulders to get that last drink at 2 a.m. are just some of the reasons why City Council requested to extend liquor service to 3 a.m. at the Council meeting last month.

Council members asked Mayor Naheed Nenshi to send a letter to the President of the Alberta Treasury Board and the Alberta Minister of Finance requesting amendment of current liquor service regulations.

If passed, patrons will also have an additional hour to finish up their last drinks after 3 a.m., but everyone has to be off the premises by 4 a.m.