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The safest place to work in Alberta may not be what you think

Mining, quarrying and oil well industries take the lead in safety according to recent stats

AlbertasSafestTHUMBIf you think the Alberta petroleum industry is the most dangerous to work in, guess again.

The mining, quarrying and oil well industry tops the list for having the lowest injury claim rate throughout the province.

According to a recent report, between 2010 to 2012, the rate of injuries claimed within this industry dropped from 0.47 per cent to 0.36 per cent. The only other manual labour job with a lower rate is agriculture.

Construction is the next lowest with an average injury claim rate of 1.81 per cent followed by manufacturing,with a rate of 2.05 per cent.

The low injury rate within the mining, quarrying and oil well industry has much to do with the safety standards set in place, according to Cameron MacGillivray, CEO and president of Enform, a company who trained 250,000 workers last year in the petroleum industry.


Money can buy you happiness

Study findings suggest using your money to buy for others brings delight

Study Snapshot

thumbnail coffee 002Michael Norton, Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, studied the longstanding question — can money buy you happiness?Turns out the answer is yes, particularly when you buy for other people.

In a TED Talk, a short video presentation to spread ideas of thought-leaders today, Norton said: "I am here today to talk to you about money and happiness which are two things that we spend a lot of our time thinking about either trying to earn them or trying to increase them. We resonate with this phrase that is found in religions and self-help books: money can't buy you happiness. I wanted to let you know today that statement is wrong and, in fact, if you think that, then you just aren't spending it right."


Pesticide use lower on Alberta farms

Farming in Alberta: pesticides or organic?

Print2-1Fewer pesticides are being used on Alberta's seeded farmland versus other prairie provinces. But, according to experts, that may have more to do with the province's climate and crops than environmental consciousness — although organic farming could also be playing a role.

Alberta's farming conditions are responsible for the decrease of pesticide usage despite similar climates in the other Prairie Provinces.

According to Statistics Canada, nine per cent of farmland in Alberta is treated with insecticides, while just 13 per cent was treated with fungicides and 35 per cent was treated with herbicides.


Students in Alberta need more financial education

Experts say that there needs to be more discussion around financial literacy

StudentFinancesTHUMBMost teenagers believe that they are competent managing their own money. However, according to Alberta Education statistics, most of the public disagrees with them, and experts say those students are in need of help.

Government agencies have yet to respond to repeated requests for comment on what is being done to improve student's financial literacy although other organizations are offering such programs.

According to the 2013 Satisfaction with Education in Alberta Survey, 76 per cent of students feel that they are competent in their ability to manage money, credit and personal finances. But only 31 per cent of the public agreed with student's point of view in the report.

Indeed, Kelly Harper — director of customer learning experience for BMO says the current generation doesn't understand the difference between needs and wants — and the impact instant gratification can have on their pocketbooks.